The Enderdragon
Some attributes
First Main Boss
Second 150 X 2
Third The End Dimension
Other attributes

The Enderdragon is a boss from Minecraft. It is one of two bosses that can be fought throughout the game. It can only be found in the End. Once defeated, the player will "win" the game of Minecraft.


One Enderdragon will spawn in the End. It will fly around the island and attempt to kill the player. There is only one that natrually spawns in a world.


The Battle is quite difficult. Bows will pretty much be the only weapons that can hit the dragon in the air. The bow should be enchanted to ensure maximum efficiency. A large amount of arrows can be used. Armor and lots of food will be required. In Addition, multiple large crystals will repeatedly heal dragon until they are destroyed.


After it loses it health, it will burst into light and will slowly die. It will drop an Ender Egg atop the portal home. The credits of Minecraft then play on.


Let's Play Multiplayer Minecraft Episode 15 Boss Fight - Ender Dragon

Let's Play Multiplayer Minecraft Episode 15 Boss Fight - Ender Dragon

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