A Giant Zombie
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First Commands only
Second PC and Console
Third A Gigantic Zombie
Other attributes
Fourth 50 X 2

Giants are hostile mobs in the game Minecraft. They are basically large versions of Zombies. Giants are only in-game through commands.


The command
/summon giant
must be used in PC. For console versions, an external mod must be used. Giants need a light level of 12 and -12 to spawn, which is why they can't spawn natrually.


In PC, they are spawned through a command.


Although they exist in the games coding, an extra mod must be installed prior to such.


Giants are a difficult mob to deal with. They can literally one shot the player in Hard mode, dealing up to 371/2 hearts of damage. Long range is a better option and puts the player at less risk. They can also be summoned with armor and weapons, making them more difficult to tangle with.

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