Looks like you brought a man in here

–Jo Slade

Jo Slade
Jo Slade
Some attributes
First Above the Law
Second Stun Gun, Pistol
Third Only one mission
Other attributes

Jo Slade is a psychopath in Dead Rising 1. She is fought in the mission Above the Law. Jo Slade is a cop that used the zombie outbreak to her advantage.

Above the LawEdit

Frank will get a call from Otis about several women hostage by a cop. Frank arrives at the scene to see Jo Slade taking "advantage" over her female hostages. If Frank fights her and defeats her, the hostages are then freed.


Jo Slade is fast despite her size. Her attacks are quite powerful, especially her stun guns. A weapon such as the small chainsaw provides maneuverability and deals a fair amount of damage. If Frank ditches the fight, she will attempt to kill her hostages by continuously hitting them with her baton and stun gun.


Jo Slade dies from her wounds as she laughs and mocks Frank.

Chop til you dropEdit

Similar to Kent Carson, Jo is replaced by a Zombie Jo.


Dead Rising Bosses Jo

Dead Rising Bosses Jo

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