Rager Zombie
Some attributes
First Tackle Attack
Second Prune to Melee Weapons
Third Pretty Durable
Other attributes

Ragers are a zombie found in the game: Dead Trigger 2. They are a special/mini boss zombie. Ragers will attempt to tackle down the player by directly charging at them. Ragers can cause a heap of damage in one hit. They are prune to melee attacks in the face and on it's backside. Ragers make a strange rattling noise upon death.


Ultimately, Ragers may also damage other Zombies while using it's tackle attack. It will kill them in a few hits if not 1. Ragers can be of asset for this.

Status TableEdit

Health Medium
Damage High
Rare? Common
Difficulty Easy to Medium


  • There is also a Red Rager called the First One

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