–A Balla

Rollin' Heights Ballas
Rolling Heights Graffiti Tag
Some attributes
First Balla Gang
Second Grove Street Enemy
Third Less in game
Other attributes

Rollin' Heights Ballas are an enemy street gang in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They are less affiliated with the game's main storyline. They are found around the upper areas of Los Santos such as Temple and Vinewood.


They are commonly found around the areas of Jefferson,East Los Santos and Willowfield. And can also be spotted in the south west area of Los Santos in Verona.


They will occasionally go and fight Grove Street Members around the area. During a warfare, they use the same weapons as the Front Yard Ballas. They usually carry a pistol or a Uzi.


The Rollin' Heights Ballas were not really tied to the story as Front Yard Ballas were. They appeared in a few missions but were not necessarily the major gang of the Ballas in total.


  • Desert Eagle
  • UZI
  • SMG (Warfare)
  • AK-47 (Warfare)
  • Shotgun (Warfare)